church fri bingo sign

Here’s a song I wrote song about a church on Cape Cod that’s only open in the Summer for the tourists. As a church  that is; but it’s open 52 weeks a year for Friday 

Night Bingo.I call the church: “Our Lady of Perpetual Bingo”. And I named the song: “The Church of Friday Night Bingo”.

Here are the lyrics. It will be my second hit song, right after my first song becomes a hit.


Come along to the Church of Friday night Bingo

You Can play two or three cards or just a single

It’s the place where all the Cape Cod folks mingle

when they want to win a pile of Friday Night jingle

2-church beware of gd tree

At five thirty we drop the first ball,

& the numbers we start to call.

Be early, there’s always a race 

for the very last parking space.

Come inside get a stamp
and a bright red dauber too.
Buy a charm for your table

and good luck will be with you.

3-Parking for church activities friday night bingo


The balls from a fancy metal bin
drop down, and we call the numbers
with a prayer that you always win 

and are truly thankful for your gain.

The cards are never stacked and 

games are honest in these halls.

Our numbers always come out true. 

Remember, these are the lord’s balls.


it will be very nice if you win
this Friday night . And really great
if you come back on Sunday
when we pass the plate.

The Church of Friday night Bingo
could use the cash, is the reason.
But don’t come after Labor Day –
cause we’re closed for the season!


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