BST creature 3d cvr

Chapter Three Excerpt: The Creature From the Bridgewater Triangle
The Grim Weepers

They had not far to go nor long to look, for the golden haired lady always made her way to the town dock, where she stood and watched the horizon for the return of dashing Sam Bellamy, the salvage man.
On they marched, at a steady pace. The leaders of the column of more than fifty pairs of armed, rock throwers, stopped as they set their moccasins on the first boards of the pier. A tiny feminine figure was balanced precariously at the very edge of the last boards.

A man stood between the grim stone tossers and the young woman.
“Please, my friends. Do not do this. She is betrothed. She is not a sinner. Sam Bellamy will marry her.” The pleadings came from the gentle, good hearted Innkeeper, Ernest Hallett – Maria’ s father. “Brothers and sisters, I implore you to wait one month more, until Sam………………

Mr. Hallett’s words were cut off, when a boy of not more than eleven years ran up to him and with all his youthful might hurled a fist sized rock directly into the father’s nose.
Twenty more of the citizens advanced on Mr. Hallett and likewise jetted their holy stones at him. Bleeding from a hundred painful welts, Mr. Hallett slipped into the ocean and drowned.
Many of the citizens wept, for they had known and loved Hallett. But their duty was clear. The grim weepers advanced next on the tiny form of Maria Hallett.


The Creature From the Bridgewater Triangle (207 pages) is available in paperback for $12.50 or as a 99 cent E-Book in the Kindle Store.  Here’s the link:


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